To make your visitors feel great on your website and become your regular customers, it is very important to invest into UX (user experience design).

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A social network for doctors and patients, allowing users to get consultation and find a specialist they need. Official US doctors database was imported to the site. Features of social network: different user types, user profiles, blogs, forum etc.

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Full cycle auction site for wholesale trading in dairy industry that covers both buying/selling dairy products and their delivery. Users create lot and forward auctions for selling or buying products with partial sale option. 

Why you need User Experience

Customer Loyalty

Since the Internet is one of the greatest humanity’s inventions for quick and convenient search, every user has plenty of offers to choose from. Your competitors’ websites are just a click away, and if the user who has had a bad experience on your website he will most probably go there and never come back to you.

A website with a great user experience always has an advantage over the others, no matter what  functionality or impressive graphics that may have to show how cool they are. Users always choose the place with a better user experience design. And having loyal users is the best promotion for your brand that can be ever imagined. Just entrust this mission to a professional Drupal web design agency!

Return on Investment and Conversion Rates

If your customers frequently come back to your website and find it convenient to buy products/services there, your website’s good user experience design generates into real profits for your business. It helps you convert visitors into buyers. The percentage of visitors who become actual buyers is called the conversion rate. Tracking this important rate lets you measure how effective your website is in terms of bringing money and how successfully your investments into user experience design services are returned.

Efficiency and/or Productivity

Good user experience design also transforms into better productivity and efficiency, because it reduces the time of doing things on your website, as well as the amount of probable mistakes. It is important both for your customers and for your own employees working with the website. When customers can buy goods or services faster and easier, they are likely to buy more. Needless to say that your employees can show better results in their tasks that will have a positive impact on your business.

Customer satisfaction

The feeling of satisfaction after a successful, pleasant and easy purchase makes the customer want to buy things on your website again and again. This increases the conversion rate, making your website a perfect tool for business. Your customers associate this feeling of satisfaction with your brand as such. Isn’t it what every company wants to achieve by various means of promotion? Good user experience design provided by our Drupal development agency will be of great help here.

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OUR UX Design services

Responsive web design

Our Drupal web design agency’s aim is to make your website useful and convenient not only for the users of desktops, but also of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with a multitude of different display sizes.The experienced Drupal design specialists will make your website responsive, i.e. it will become adaptive to the specific characteristics of any mobile device and provide a good user experience (UX) on it.

Mobile UX/UI Design

The right UI (user interface) is the key to the best user experience on mobile devices. It helps increase your audience and include mobile device users in it, thus increasing your brand’s popularity. Never underestimate the advancements of the mobile technology - today, mobile devices are more and more often used for making online purchases. Their share becomes larger and larger with each day.

IA & Wireframes

One of the key goals of user experience design is the right visual presentation of information. The data should be presented in an intuitively understandable way, just how the user expects to see it. Wireframing as a key part of the web design process helping you visualize the information structure and plan its right layout.

UI Design

UI design (user interface design) is meant to enhance user experience, making your website the most convenient on the Internet, as well as creating the best visual appeal of your pages. User-centered interface design makes the most desirable effect on your target audience. UI design uses colour schemes, contrast, navigation, fades, patterns and many other graphic elements to serve this main task.

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Our Ux Design process

Agile & lean

The Agile development process, known for its great flexibility, efficiency and collaboration with the clients, enables us to provide the highest-quality solutions.

Due to Lean techniques that involve receiving feedback from people, we can continually review and improve our designs. Providing the desired results to our clients is always a priority for our Drupal web design agency in user experience design services.

The right choice

The key to the project’s success is the ultimate understanding of its goals by all the specialists involved in the process of making your website a perfect place for your visitors.

Regular communication between user experience designers, Drupal developers, project managers and other Drupal specialists makes sure the client’s needs, expectations, business objectives are taken into account.

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The friendly user experience specialists of our Drupal design agency are glad to share their knowledge and ideas with you.

View our corporate Drupal blog to find valuable advice and recommendations on how to improve your site’s usability and make it the best place for your potential customers to visit regularly.

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I am very much impressed from your work, your availability, understanding and quality, and everything else. I have big experience with developers, you guys are special.

Our company has started working with Internetdevels almost two years ago, and depend on them for all of our engineering, QA and server administration needs.

When it comes to Drupal development InternetDevels is capable of delivering high quality code that complies with the highest standards. Moreover, the service and responsiveness makes InternetDevels very pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend their services as we continue to work together

vidso.biz started to cooperate with InternetDevels when we decided to relaunch our service. The team of InternetDevels led the new project and since then helped us to develop a stable and professional service.   

InternetDevels was a best choice to guide us through entire process of the web site development.High culture of the project management and positive attitude to the requests of non-technical customer impressed a lot. Definitely will recommend this company to all fellow artists who sometimes too far from technologies.