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Time to upgrade! You website deserves to be up-to-date and well-protected, with all the freshest features for you.

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Upgrade & migration services will help you keep pace with the times!

Major Drupal releases bring new opportunities

Every 2-3 years, there are major Drupal releases. Each of these new major Drupal versions brings new functionality, better architecture, improved security and much more benefits for websites.

Take advantage of the latest enhancements

Your Drupal website needs upgrades between major versions so that you can take advantage of all the latest enhancements and meet today’s standards. Upgrade & migration services are here for you!

Upgrade and improve everything you need

As the saying goes, “turn over a new leaf” - in the process of your Drupal website upgrade, you have a great opportunity to analyze the weak points of your current site and improve them in the best way.

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Upgrade & migration services to Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 in more detail

Drupal 6 will soon become unsupported

If your website is on Drupal 6, you should remember that once Drupal 8 is released, there will be no more community support for Drupal 6. You will receive no security and other updates. Don’t make your Drupal website an easy prey for hackers - order upgrade and migration services right now.

If you are still on Drupal 5, upgrade ASAP!

The Drupal community policy provides the support only of the current release and the previous one. Currently, the official Drupal release version is 7, which means that it’s all over for Drupal 5. It is no longer supported. No time to think! Good upgrade and migration services are the only solution for such a website.

Upgrade to Drupal 7: a proven and reliable choice

Right now, Drupal 7 is a solid, mature and reliable core version, with thousands of contributed modules. It includes a lot of improved functionality compared to older versions, in terms of flexibility, scalability, security, user experience and more. And, most importantly, Drupal 7 has the official support of the Drupal community. If you are on older versions, upgrade & migration services to Drupal 7 are a wise choice.

Upgrade to Drupal 8: a brand-new solution

Drupal 8 promises a lot of cutting-edge improvements like multilingual capacity, better mobile-friendliness and much more. It could be a great solution, but we are not ready to recommend an upgrade to Drupal 8 for every website, as long as it is new and not yet proven. We need to carefully study your website to say if we recommend upgrade & migration services to Drupal 8 for it or not.

Drupal 7 or 8: it depends on the site’s complexity

If your Drupal website is relatively simple, upgrade & migration services to Drupal 8 could be your best solution. However, if the site is more complex with a lot of custom modules, you should understand that it might be time-consuming and challenging to move it all to Drupal 8. You could rely on the stable and mature Drupal 7. However, let us see your website for best answer!

Drupal 7 or 8: do you plan a complete overhaul?

This is one of the important aspects in making a decision whether to upgrade to Drupal 7 or 8. In case you plan a complete overhaul or redesign of your website, moving to the brand-new Drupal 8 version could be a more justified decision. However, we would like to emphasize again that a thorough analysis of your requirements and goals is needed to make the right decision. We are ready to help!

Updates between minor versions

This page is dedicated to upgrade & migration services - they bring significant changes to your website, opening new perspectives for it. However, if want just to update your website within the same major release version (e.g., Drupal 7.1 to 7.2), you are welcome to contact our Support page. We have also launched a brand-new Drupal support service called DruDesk

Contact us to find the best solution

Good Drupal upgrade and migration services require an individual approach to each website. Our experts will give you the best advice after a thorough examination of your site. Let us figure out the best way to upgrade and improve it, taking into account your needs, business goals, targeted audience and many other factors. Our experience is to your service!

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Upgrade and migration services involve these steps

Analyzing your current site

Our upgrade & migration services start with a careful analysis of your current website to determine what modules can be migrated and what modules should be developed from scratch, what needs to be improved and what new features you would like to have.

Building a new site

The most important step of upgrade & migration services begins: we develop a fresh website on the new Drupal version with all the necessary functionality. Your new website can look very similar to the old one or be completely different - it’s up to you to decide.

Content migration

The next step involves the migration of your valuable content to the newly-made site. Our experienced specialists will perform the content migration using best software tools and proven methods. Expect your ready site soon! Enjoy the great results of our services!


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