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The Oracle driver module offers new opportunities for Drupal developers enabling them to use an Oracle Database instead of MySQL as the main backend in the development process.

This module is more just a base theme that has all files of the 960 Grid System. It also helps improve communication between developers, architects, designers and other team members.

If you need to easily create menus based on taxonomy vocabularies, this module will be a great help. It has great compatibility with other modules and does not interfere with their work.

The Front page module allows you to create front pages on your website with amazing customization opportunities. The front page types include: Alias, Redirect, Themed, Full.

The reCAPTCHA module is a great solution for improving the CAPTCHA system and protecting the e-mail addresses. The module uses Google reCAPTCHA web service for that.

The Site map module gives visitors an overview of your website by creating a convenient map. It can display such website elements as blogs, books, menus, RSS feeds and more.

Getting data in CSV reports with the help of an API

CSV is a popular format widely used for importing and exporting the data. Let’s discover more about it and see how it’s done with a special API that we created for our customers.

by Nadine
May 19, 2017
Drupal distributions and OpenFed as a great example

The vigorous community has created tons of ready made elements that make development easier, quicker and cheaper. What’s not covered by them can be custom made to fulfill whatever your heart desires. Today, we’ll consider one more example — Drupal distributions, and particularly OpenFed.

by Nadine
May 16, 2017
Top questions a PM should ask before start a web project

We have previously described how we manage Drupal projects and, in particular, how we estimate them. We have also busted myths about project management. Today we are going to give you more insight about PM’s daily routine and tell you about challenges this person is facing before your project starts.

by Jessica
May 12, 2017
Artificial intelligence is coming to your apps thanks to cognitive services

Who could previously imagine an application that was able to tell the speaker’s intentions or emotions from their voice alone? Or an app capable of describing images with sentences, letting the visually impaired people “see” the world? Let your imagination go, without limits, because the future has come, and you can now implement all these, and many more “magic” features, in your application. It is possible with the help of cognitive services.

by Nadine
May 10, 2017
Why Drupal is an ideal solution for your dropshipping site

Commerce is rapidly shifting to the Internet nowadays, because it is a vast territory that allows you to find sellers and buyers worldwide and make orders at any time. Dropshipping is a popular way to sell online. If you have decided to start dropshipping and decided on your niche market and supplier, then you are ready to start creating your dropshipping online store. See steps for creating your dropshipping website.

by Jessica
May 04, 2017
Why content marketing is your must-have strategy

A well thought-out content marketing strategy is your stairway to the top of the SERP and to the bottom of your customer’s heart. We’ll show why today.

by Jessica
Apr 28, 2017
The peculiarities of content modeling in Drupal 8

If you have decided to build a website in Drupal 8, we have some effective tips for devs describing how to create different useful things for D8 site. One of the first things to do, though, before you start creating your site is content modeling. This is what we’ll focus on today.

by Jessica
Apr 25, 2017
The User Personas module in Drupal 8: perfect order in roles and permissions

Each of us has many roles in life, which may change with time. However, we are personalities above all, and we are unique. Although real life and Drupal websites are different things, this is close to the philosophy of the User Personas module in Drupal 8.

by Nadine
Apr 21, 2017
Top 7 free tools to monitor your server uptime

Web resources are created to be accessible to their visitors 24/7. This is desirable for both the visitors and owners. So, if you want your website to be online day and night, around the clock, you should use server monitoring. Today we have a list for you of services that help monitor your server uptime and detect your site downtime for free.

by Jessica
Apr 14, 2017
Drupal 8.3.0 is out: let’s take a look at its innovations

The Drupal community now prepares big gifts in small packages twice a year. They are minor releases, and the latest of them, Drupal 8.3.0, has come out on April 5. In this article, we will take a glance at this new approach to Drupal releases, and, of course, see what makes Drupal 8.3.0 so cool.

by Nadine
Apr 11, 2017
A “child” to be proud of — happy birthday, Drudesk!

Spring is in bloom! It’s time for renovation, improvement and cleaning up everything, including websites. So it’s no wonder that the Drudesk website support service, which specializes in all these things and more, has a birthday in April. Happy birthday, dear Drudesk! It’s great to see you flourish for a second spring in a row!

by Nadine
Apr 06, 2017
10 annoying web design elements to get rid of your users

Let’s delve into the world of bad design examples and the art of being truly annoying to your audience. Too many customers — too many troubles! So discover 10 web design elements that serve as sure ways to annoy and eventually get rid of your users ;)

by Nadine
Apr 04, 2017
Drupal 8 Module Webform picks up speed

Drupal 8 has been gaining traction since its beta version came out. Previously we mentioned about modules that can optimize your website (Field image tooltips, Group). And today’s topic will fix attention on really useful features of an absolutely new approach to creating custom forms.

by Oili
Mar 31, 2017
Agile: let’s learn from the best ones (part 3)

The series of blogs about implementing Agile in large companies continues! After Intel and Nokia, Apple and Philips, the time has come to discuss Microsoft and Exigen Services.

by Vania
Mar 24, 2017
Great responsive Drupal themes for construction websites: built for builders!

There are special Drupal themes perfectly suited for construction businesses — so feel free to check out their collection. We have included Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 themes with plenty of useful features. Examples are worth a thousand words, so let’s right now see what has been built by drupalers for builders!

by Nadine
Mar 21, 2017
Xamarin mobile app development: where all platforms are in harmony

In the world of mobile applications, there are two main types of users: those who have Android and those who have iOS. And it would be great to include them all in your audience by creating an application that would be perfect for everyone, and not spend too much time and costs on developing for different platforms. Here’s where Xamarin mobile app development comes in handy.

by Nadine
Mar 17, 2017
How to integrate Google Analytics with Drupal 8

Probably the first place among web analytics services belongs to Google Analytics, which is the most widely used analytics site on the Internet now. This feature-rich tool allows you evaluate the effectiveness of your current campaigns and find smart marketing solutions for future. The Drupal community have developed a module to help Drupal site owners implement this service more easily.

by Jessica
Mar 14, 2017
A whiter shade of WSOD: clearing your Drupal cache as a way to fix it

This phrase has long been a famous Internet meme: in any situation, keep calm and clear your cache! And the power of Drupal cache is really strong, because it can be helpful even in the case of so-called White Screen of Death or WSOD.

by Nadine
Mar 10, 2017
Drupal modules: custom-made vs ready-made

Previously we have brought to your attention the main types of Drupal developers. One of them is the module developer. Today we are going to focus on the two main types of modules these developers work on. Read further to learn the differences and the pros and cons of both to decide what modules to implement on your web resource.

by Jessica
Mar 07, 2017
SharePoint development: workflow optimization apps (part 1)

Humans make apps work more efficiently, and then apps make the work of humans more efficient! This is particularly the case with applications for effective teamwork, management and information workflow inside a company. One of the best tools for this is Microsoft’s SharePoint.

by Nadine
Mar 03, 2017
The Group module to manage your site access and permissions

We continue to bring you closer to Drupal 8 modules, because they worth your attention. Previously we talked about such modules as Rules, BigPipe, Fast 404 and others.

by Jessica
Mar 01, 2017
What type of Drupal developer do you need for your project?

If you want to create a web resource, or to implement certain improvements on an existing one, then you must find specialists who will make your ideas come true. The objectives and the scale of your project require appropriate experts. We are going to help you distinguish between the main types of Drupal developers.

by Jessica
Feb 24, 2017
Collection of some useful Drupal 8 modules in 2017

Our tradition of presenting you short overviews of several modules of the month continues with today’s article. Previously we offered you some great contributed Drupal 8 modules in June 2016 a collection of modules in May 2016. In 2017 we published some modules, with the latest available release for Drupal 8 scheduled for the beginning of this year.

by Jessica
Feb 21, 2017
Top 30 free marketing tools

Establishing your online presence can really aid your offline business. There are lots of paid and free tools helping you with this. You can check out the best free usability tools to improve your UX design and read today’s article about tools for web analytics, SEO and social media monitoring.

by Jessica
Feb 17, 2017
The Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern in app development

Luckily, app developers can choose from various architectural styles and patterns, or even combine them, to bring the best to their applications. We have previously told you about the essence and benefits of the microservice architecture in app development. For today, we have another topic — the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architectural pattern.

by Nadine
Feb 15, 2017
Make your Facebook page work for your business!

Facebook is a very popular social media platform with a large world-wide community, which offers great opportunities for business. If you are going to create a Facebook page for your business, our guide will help you do it well and figure out which things you should focus on. If you already have a page, check whether you’ve taken into consideration all the important things your business page should have.

by Jessica
Feb 10, 2017
Drupal 8 SEO Checklist module: your reliable website optimization adviser

The SEO Checklist module tells you what modules to install and what actions to perform so you can use the best SEO practices with Drupal. It does it in a user-friendly and popular way that most people appreciate — as a checklist, along with lots of hints to speed up your work. Read more.

by Nadine
Feb 07, 2017
The difficulties facing digital marketing agencies

If you are a digital marketer, this article might be useful for you. We know your desires, needs, problems, and ways to cope with them. Now we are going to mention the difficulties marketing agencies are facing most often. Read to check whether you have the same issues, and find out what we can do for you.

by Jessica
Feb 03, 2017
Good e-commerce shopping carts: what should they be like?

E-commerce shopping carts, baskets, bags — whatever they are called, their purpose remains the same. Thanks to them, shoppers have a chance to review the goods they have chosen, make their buying decision and proceed to checkout. Among the best e-commerce website usability practices, one of the more prominent is the art of making shopping carts user-friendly and purchase-encouraging.

by Nadine
Jan 31, 2017
The importance of a technical specification for smooth project management

Creating or developing your web resource is a complex process. Your project life cycle consists of many phases. Let’s start from the very beginning. We have already written that in the initial stage of the project management process we gather information about the future site. The technical specification contains this information and is very crucial, as it defines all the next steps and the overall success of the project.

by Jessica
Jan 27, 2017
The benefits of Drupal 8 for your business

If you are a businessperson or your company’s web resource owner, what benefits will Drupal 8 give you? What will it help you gain? What marketing qualities does it add? We’ll answer these questions below.

by Jessica
Jan 24, 2017
Migrate API in Drupal 8 and a glimpse at the migration process

Drupal 8 is so irresistible in its innovations that it just makes you wanna… pack your things and migrate! ;) To “pack” your website’s content and configuration carefully and move them to Drupal 8, there exists a cool tool called Migrate API. We will discuss Migrate API, its benefits, the modules it includes and the migration process it provides.

by Nadine
Jan 20, 2017
Mobile-friendly site vs Mobile App: which is better for your business’s mobile presence?

So, how to deliver your content through your customers’ mobile devices? Mobile-friendly site or a native mobile app? Which way is better? Let’s compare both options to find the best one for your business.

by Jessica
Jan 17, 2017
Why is estimation of web development projects so challenging?

Today we are going to name challenges programmers are facing when they have to make an estimate, to clarify what makes this stage of project developing so ambiguous and hard.

by Jessica
Jan 13, 2017
Оплата з телефону і чудові мобільні платіжні системи

There is no longer a need to carry a thick wallet — a thin mobile device is now capable of much more in terms of payments! It can be a wallet, a credit card and even a little bank in your pocket. And what makes it all possible are special mobile payment solutions (apps or systems), so let’s take a look at some of them.

by Nadine
Jan 11, 2017
Drupal as CMS vs .NET based CMS: which one to choose for your web development?

In this blogpost we made an attempt to describe the differences and similarities between Drupal and .NET based CMS, their strong and weaker points for you to compare and make up your mind, which one is the best solution for your company.

by Jessica
Jan 06, 2017
Top trends in 2017 for your e-commerce website

A sufficient number of people all over the world prefer online shopping to going to physical stores; prefer sitting in a comfortable chair at home to standing in a line. So, the popularity of e-commerce will continue to grow. Today we are going to predict some trends for this year for you to optimize your e-comm site in 2017.

by Jessica
Jan 03, 2017
2016 in review for InternetDevels (infographics)

Let’s remember some remarkable things that have happened during 2016. To make things a bit more colorful, we’ve wrapped the information up in infographics. Bye, 2016, and thanks for the following:

by Nadine
Dec 29, 2016
AngularJS 2.0: what’s new in the awesome framework’s latest release

We have truly enjoyed describing the benefits of using Drupal together with AngularJS in web development (the former — for the back-end, and the latter — for the front-end). A promising duet! It’s also worth noting that AngularJS has hit its 2nd release. So, with all our respect for leading-edge technologies, we are going to enlarge on what’s new in Angular 2.

by Nadine
Dec 21, 2016
Tips on building an irresistible event website

Organizing events is a real art, and an important brush stroke in your masterpiece is a website that will showcase it to the world. Visitors will come and decide whether they want to become your attendees. Sponsors will make up their minds whether your event is worth funding. So what should you consider when building an event website that looks convincing, inviting, and irresistible? Let’s find out!

by Nadine
Dec 16, 2016
The Field image tooltips Drupal module by InternetDevels developers

InternetDevels developers working at JYSK shop chain project, keep creating new Drupal modules for the community. In the previous blog post, you could check out the Gridstack field module. This time, we present the Field image tooltips module, which is also ready for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. As it is our tradition, the author himself is going to introduce the module.

by ahiles
Dec 13, 2016
A handful of great tools for mobile web development

Smaller screens, bigger challenges? Though most developers would agree with this statement, developing with mobile users in mind is certainly worth it! Luckily, there are helpful tools that make mobile web development easier and more exciting, and shift the statement to “smaller screens, bigger opportunities!”. Let’s view some of them right now. 

by Nadine
Dec 09, 2016
Squeeze respectfully: tips for creating effective squeeze pages

“Would you please give me your email address?” is any marketer’s silent question to their target audience. Any marketer understands what a valuable thing a mailing list is. But how does a customer feel about this question and what could make them say “yes”? Understanding this is very important for building effective squeeze pages.

by Nadine
Dec 06, 2016
The benefits of microservices & building them with .NET

The modern and exciting microservice approach to software development is rapidly gaining popularity against the monolithic one. So whether you are a developer or a business owner, whether you have an application or just plan its creation, we invite you to get acquainted with microservices and discover their benefits. And, of course, having added .NET development to the list of our services, we cannot but enlarge upon .NET framework being a perfect tool to build microservices with.

by Nadine
Dec 02, 2016
5 myths about project management

Time for some more useful project management information by our expert Ivanna aka Vania ;) Having learnt about retrospective and sprint estimation and seen how Agile technology is used by giants such as Apple and Philips, Intel and Nokia, we are now moving on to unveiling some project management myths.

by Vania
Nov 25, 2016
The Gridstack field Drupal module by InternetDevels developers

Today is the day for the double profit. There is a useful Drupal module created by the InternetDevels developers who are working at the JYSK project. And, tell you more about it, one of the module’s creators wrote this blog post explaining the Gridstack field module’s aim and work.

by Danu
Nov 22, 2016
Our best selection of Drupal 8 articles to mark its birthday!

Exactly a year ago, on November 19, Drupal 8 officially came out. Here is the perfect occasion to gather together all posts and overviews that we have written about it. They include both articles for easy reading that requires no development background, and extensive developer’s insights and tutorials illustrated by code samples. Choose to your liking!

by Nadine
Nov 19, 2016
Happy 9th birthday to InternetDevels & congratulations on achievements!

You are invited to a virtual birthday right here and right now. No presents are needed, just your attention ;) The cakes and drinks will be also virtual, but the joy will be absolutely real. Today, on November 15, InternetDevels Drupal development company is turning 9 years old! Its founder Leviks celebrates his birthday on this day as well! So make yourself comfortable and join in.

by Nadine
Nov 15, 2016
The meaning of QA for Web Testing

The job of quality assurance engineers is highly important as it allows You to be reassured that Your website undergoes development and functions in the way you intended it to. Want to know more about the working process of QA Engineers? You are welcome to read this article.

by Linkoln
Nov 11, 2016
Bootstrap for Drupal: how to create a subtheme in Drupal 8

Here goes another Drupal 8 post by one of our Drupal developers! Having enjoyed in-depth overviews of building Drupal 8 modules, theming, configuration, creating pop-ups, using Twig, and working with the Commerce 2.x module, we are now going to discover how to create a Bootstrap subtheme in Drupal 8.

by Scout
Nov 08, 2016
Team-building and Career Forum: all the details and photos

This weekend, InternetDevels Company held Teambuilding and Career Forum, which brought together everyone interested in developing and motivating the most valuable assets of their companies — their staff.

by marichka
Nov 02, 2016
Drupal and AngularJS in web app development: a trending duet!

Sometimes duets may sound even more impressive than solo performers. So meet the Drupal and AngularJS duet! The “music” these two produce together is the harmony of backend and frontend in creating rich and dynamic web apps.

by Nadine
Oct 28, 2016
Some great health care websites built with Drupal

Being strong, secure, and flexible is exactly what the doctor ordered for any good site! That’s why Drupal is a healthy idea for health care websites as well. Today, we’ve picked some of these health sites for you to take a look at — including, of course, one created by InternetDevels.

by Nadine
Oct 25, 2016
Integrating Power BI into your web applications (tips by Charles Sterling)

Charles Sterling of Microsoft shows how to use Power BI in a developer’s work — for example, how to call REST APIs without writing any lines of code, or how to create interactive reports by embedding Power BI visualizations into web apps. We will feature the most useful moments from this interview here in the blog post for you.

by Nadine
Oct 21, 2016
Drupal 8 configuration management: really easier and faster

It’s a joy to see how Drupal 8 fulfills its promise of becoming more convenient in every way! We’ve discussed how it respects web accessibility standards, facilitates product management with the Inline Entity Form module, uses the BigPipe module’s power to make sites load faster, and much more. Great improvements have also touched the configuration management issue. Read on.

by Nadine
Oct 18, 2016
Useful links for getting started and working with Docker

If you are interested in Docker, you have come to the right place. This blog post is meant to help you understand and successfully work with the famous software containerization platform. We have asked our developer who is also the author of cache segments and cache in Drupal 7, to share some useful links about Docker. Here we go!

by Nasa
Oct 11, 2016
Agile: let’s learn from the best ones (part 2)

We continue learning about the implementation of Agile at big companies from the series of blog posts by our project manager Ivanna, aka Vania. Let’s now give her the floor once again.

by Vania
Oct 07, 2016
Views in Drupal 8: how is the most popular module doing?

Simple but powerful, the Views is the most popular module, installed on over two-thirds of Drupal sites. So we are happy to include it into our expanding collection of Drupal 8 module recaps which already has the BigPipe, the Inline Entity Form, the Fast 404, the Workbench Moderation, and the Rules.

by Nadine
Oct 04, 2016
A remarkable release — .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0

It’s interesting and challenging to master more technologies. InternetDevels Drupal development company starts also working with .NET and would like to offer you some posts about it. And the first one will be dedicated to .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0.

by Nadine
Sep 30, 2016
Team-building and Career Forum by InternetDevels & PM Business Solutions

How to build a strong team, keep it motivated, increase your staff loyalty, reveal your employees’ best features or be an effective team member yourself? The Forum is meant to give answers to all these questions.

by admin
Sep 27, 2016
Cache segments and caching in Drupal 7

Today’s the day for our Drupal developer’s blog post again, which means a lot of attention to detail and practical tips — this time on caching in Drupal 7. We have posts about creating CTools popups, working with the Book module, building apps with PhoneGap, using Drupal 7 tools, configuring search with ApacheSolr, and much more in the development category. But today is the day to delve into the nuances of caching! ;)

by Nasa
Sep 23, 2016
Drupal 8 Module: Rules

Rules are everywhere: at school, at work, in life in general ... and there are some Rules in Drupal 8 as well! Although it’s definitely not what you think it is :)

by Arlin
Sep 20, 2016
Agile: let’s learn from the best ones

A few years ago the word “Agile” was a complete neologism in the project management terminology. Today, many companies use this methodology and consider it to be an essential part of the workflow. Today we’ll speak about the famous companies that ‘worship’ Agile — and what we can learn from them.

by Vania
Sep 16, 2016
D8 Module Recap: Workbench Moderation

So, Drupal does not seem inclined to stop migrating modules any time soon, and we are not complaining. So much information to explore, so many things to share with you guys. And this time we’re covering the Workbench Moderation module. It sounds serious, and it is!

by Arlin
Sep 13, 2016
Is There Still a Need for a Comment Section on your website?

There is an opinion that a comment section is not needed anymore as it doesn’t do any good to the users, to the author of the content, to the site as a whole and even to the commentators themselves. But is it true? Let’s try to see what the pros and cons of having this section on your website are.

by Arlin
Sep 09, 2016
Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2016: our colorful story with photos

It seems like last year's Lviv Drupal Camp was yesterday. But here's a story about the new one! Enjoy the report made by its organizer, our tireless event manager ;)

by marichka
Sep 06, 2016
Collection of great free responsive Drupal themes 2016

According to the best practices of responsive web design, a website neatly adapts to whatever screen it is viewed on. According to the best traditions of our blog, we make collections of free responsive Drupal themes for you to use. There was a bunch of free responsive Drupal themes 2015, but now we cannot wait to offer you the 2016 selection.

by Nadine
Aug 30, 2016
Fast 404 Drupal 8 module

Sometimes 404 errors are hard to avoid, and which can significantly slow a website down. Luckily, there is the Fast 404 Drupal 8 module that prevents it.

by Nadine
Aug 26, 2016
Cinemagraphs: the mystery of subtle motion for your website’s design

More web design trends for your eyes to enjoy! Last time we showed you examples for Parallax websites, and now we will cover Cinemagraphs.

by Nadine
Aug 23, 2016
6 Characteristics of Great Web Development company

If you want to have your own website, you’ve probably thought about which company to choose. So, let’s consider what particular traits a great web development company should possess.

by svieta
Aug 19, 2016
Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2016: every drupaler’s destination for September 3-4

We have recently welcomed you behind the curtains to show you how we organize our famous IT events. And now it’s time to announce one of them approaching! This is a very famous annual Drupal meetup, long awaited by so many people across Ukraine and beyond. Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2016 in the magic city of Lviv is coming on September 3-4!

by Nadine
Aug 16, 2016
Great travel websites built with Drupal: welcome to the journey!

The images of azure seas, exotic islands and mysterious mountains across the Web are a special magnet to the eyes. Travel websites can be so gorgeous! So we couldn’t resist the temptation to collect some of them for you to see. Of course, these are built with our favourite site-creating platform — Drupal.

by Nadine
Aug 12, 2016
Drupal 8: overview of the Commerce 2.x module for online stores

E-commerce in Drupal 8 is a topic of interest for many developers. If you are among them, you’ve come to the right place — our Drupal developer has written a blog post on the Commerce 2.x module. Drupal Commerce is a popular module for creating online stores of varying complexity, which is "out of the box" ready to help you set up an online store with basic functionality. Read on.

by Alrai
Aug 09, 2016
The Inline Entity Form module in Drupal 8: an easier product management & more

Here is one of the ways to make a Drupal website content editor’s life much easier. It’s called the Inline Entity Form module, and it’s been ported to Drupal 8 earlier this year. Read on.

by Nadine
Aug 05, 2016
How we organize our IT events: a look behind the scenes

Lviv Euro DrupalCamp, IT Sales&Marleting Summit, ConversionCon, Bid&Tender Winner Conference, DrupalTour... All these and many other IT events are “house specialties” of InternetDevels, created by the careful hands of our event managers Maria and Victoria. We caught our always busy bees and asked them about the secrets of how these events are born in order to tell you about it.

by Nadine
Aug 02, 2016
Drupal 8 tools for meeting accessibility standards: the art of being modern

Among Drupal 8’s many shiny features, the support for web accessibility standards shines particularly bright, although it is not immediately noticed by everyone. However, it’s noticed by the people with disabilities (visual or audial impairment, color blindness, difficulty controlling a mouse, etc.) who make up a large segment of web audiences.

by Nadine
Jul 29, 2016
Drupal Composer template and Phing as Drupal developer tools

A detailed blog post by our Drupal developer about using Drupal Composer template and Phing. It is written from the point of view of the latest Drupal version — Drupal 8.

by Seryoga
Jul 26, 2016
Sprint estimation: Under vs. Over

Let’s give the floor again to our project manager Ivanna (aka Vania). In her previous article, she shared her ideas on retrospective. Today, she welcomes her fellow project managers to read about overestimated and underestimated sprints.

by Vania
Jul 19, 2016
The BigPipe Drupal 8 module for your website performance optimization

There is an awesome technology in Drupal web development that will help you avoid keeping your website’s visitors waiting. a closer look at one of the most exciting innovations for Drupal 8: the BigPipe Module.

by Nadine
Jul 15, 2016
Drupal website security: the main things to know

Check out some prominent features that make Drupal secure. If you are just thinking to get a website or already have one built with Drupal, welcome to read about these benefits, as well as tips to use them in the proper way.

by Nadine
Jul 12, 2016
A glimpse at website testing process: how we do it

A QA tester’s mission is the most responsible one on the project, because he’s the person the website’s excellent quality depends on. Today, there is also another special mission for one of our quality assurance testers. We asked him to tell us about QA testing process. So here is the first-hand information, which is always valuable;)

by tolikjan
Jul 08, 2016
Building Drupal 8 modules: a practical guide

Let’s delve into Drupal module development! Here is a practical guide by InternetDevels developer on how to create modules for Drupal 8.

by RuTel
Jul 05, 2016
June 2016 collection: some useful contributed modules for Drupal 8

A month ago, we offered you to check out a bunch of great contributed modules for Drupal 8 in May. The first summer month has been as much interesting! So make yourself comfortable and enjoy our overview of some great contributed Drupal 8 modules of the June “collection” that we have picked for you.

by Nadine
Jul 02, 2016
Where to host your Drupal website?

Choosing a host for your Drupal website can be a difficult task, because the Internet abounds in offers for hosting services. Your Drupal website is like a ship seeking to find a safe harbor... Read on to find out more :)

by Nadine
Jun 29, 2016
Tips for reaching out to your target audience

Would you like to be more convincing in your marketing campaign, come to the right place at the right time with the right message, increase your conversions, and save your time and money? These are just some of the benefits of understanding your target audience.

by Nadine
Jun 24, 2016
IT Sales & Marketing Summit by InternetDevels: an escape to paradise!

InternetDevels Drupal development company created IT Sales&Marketing Summit at Svitiaz Lake, where brain training and skill sharing is perfectly combined with the fabulous feeling of having a long-expected vacation. Read on to find out more details.

by Nadine
Jun 22, 2016
Mykhaylo Kudelia: everyone can succeed, you just need to go and do it!

Talking to the silver winner of Infomatrix international contest Misha Kudelia was a great pleasure for us. We talked about the contest, about Misha's application for teachers and students, and about everyone’s ability to achieve success and stop living just for the weekends; about the exciting possibilities of virtual reality and much more. Let’s read, dive in, and follow his example! ;)

by Nadine
Jun 17, 2016
Live and learn: why Drupal is the best choice for university websites

It’s never too late to learn … that Drupal is a great platform for higher education websites! The statistics are incredible: 71 out of the top 100 universities use Drupal for their sites. See why, and discover a nice example by InternetDevels.

by Nadine
Jun 15, 2016
Retrospective: yes or no?

Retrospective is one of the components of the famous Agile methodology. In today's article, we will give some useful tips on how to do a retrospective. 

by Vania
Jun 10, 2016
InternetDevels & Drudesk at DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016: at the heart of Drupal!

Drupal camps are an awesome tradition. InternetDevels Drupal development company always organizes DrupalCamp Lviv but never misses a chance to visit DrupalCamp Kyiv, a big Drupal meetup in Ukraine’s capital. As an attendee, as a gold sponsor, and as a company with a great speaker for the event. Read on to find out the details.

by Nadine
Jun 07, 2016
May 2016 collection: some great contributed modules for Drupal 8

Drupal 8, the newest CMF version with lots of innovations we told you about (in Part 1 and Part 2), has been around for half a year now. A special mission for drupalers is to migrate Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8 and create new modules for it. In May, a bunch of great contributed modules for Drupal 8 appeared and we have picked some of them for you to take a look at.

by Nadine
Jun 03, 2016
10 Twitter tips to increase your audience

Everyone knows the saying “a little bird told me”, and the world’s most reliable little blue bird delivers about 500 million messages a day! Never underestimate the power of Twitter and discover how you can increase and engage your audience in this social network.

by Nadine
May 31, 2016
SEO and User Experience: Friends, Not Rivals

Although SEO and UX have completely different purposes, they both are paramount to your website. How can we make peace between these two requirements which appear, at first, to be fierce opponents?

by svieta
May 27, 2016
Your future in the ІТ: a conference by InternetDevels

On May 21, InternetDevels Drupal development company organized a really special event, the first high-school student conference entitled "Your Future in the IT."

by vikontse
May 24, 2016
DrupalCon у Новому Орлеані і його джаз

What do we know about jazz? True, jazz is composed of parts like introduction, exposition, development section, recapitulation and coda, but... c’mon, it’s all about improvisation! It’s when art and feelings are above science and logic. That’s New Orleans, a city that can not be explained — you just have to feel it.

by alegor
May 20, 2016
BetWinCon: how we held our conference for bid & tender winners

Spring, especially May, is a really hot time for IT conferences! While our guys were conquering New Orleans and its DrupalCon, we were making last preparations for our own “Con” — BetWinCon. And successfully held in on May 14 here in Ukraine! So now it’s time to share some memories, reviews and photos.

by Nadine
May 17, 2016
Create multimedia content easily: free online photo, video & audio editors

t’s important to reach out to your potential customers by means of rich and engaging multimedia content that includes photos, music and videos. There are many online photo, video and music editors that may help you suddenly discover a multimedia guru in yourself.

by Nadine
May 13, 2016
Дещо про магнетизм, або історії працівників InternetDevels & Drudesk з інших міст

It’s an old trope that people go to the big cities for great opportunities...especially in Ukraine. But we are proof that the stereotypes aren’t always right! The stories of our employees who came here from other cities and regions are awesome, and well worth a read. Let's go.

by Nadine
May 10, 2016
Creative 404 Error Pages: 10 Vivid Examples

Having an outstanding 404 error page is as important as having a great design for any other page of your website. How can you make it really cool? We’ve found 10 witty and well-designed examples for you. Let’s have a look!

by svieta
May 04, 2016
The Best Drupal eCommerce Websites

In one of our previous blogs, we outlined the main points as to why Drupal is the one stupendous solution for your ecommerce website. Today, we’ll take you on one of the most enthralling journeys and show you a variety of outstanding examples of ecommerce websites that incorporate Drupal. So come aboard!

by svieta
Apr 29, 2016
How to become bid & tender winners: new conference by InternetDevels

The business world is full of incredible opportunities. Catching them is more than just luck — it’s an art. That’s what we call it the practice and theory of winning. And that’s what our new big conference is going to be about. On May 14, in the hospitable city of Lviv, we will discover together how to win tenders and bids, how to be chosen for great projects, and much more. Read on.

by Nadine
Apr 26, 2016
Server monitoring: a watchful eye that never lets your website down

Websites do not want to be let down — in every sense of the word. They want to be up and running, with all the data kept secure, lots of visitors enjoying their performance. Let's discuss server monitoring, one of the most important aspects in providing the smooth performance for websites.

by Nadine
Apr 22, 2016
7 awesome social media management tools: little assistants doing a big job

We are living in the times when social media rule the world — their power to promote your business is unquestionable. However, social media management requires much time and effort. But what if you could have assistants who would do a big part of your job for you? They exist, and they do much more that you might expect! Read more.

by Nadine
Apr 19, 2016
Drupal Global Training Days: the 4-part sequel by InternetDevels and Drudesk!

Of course, InternetDevels Drupal development company and Drudesk support service couldn’t miss Drupal Global Training Days. And we bet you don’t want to miss reading more about it. Holding just 1 Drupal event on that day did not seem like enough for us. Here is our 4-part Drupal training sequel held in two cities of Ukraine.

by Nadine
Apr 15, 2016
ConversionCon UA: our big story with photos!

Remember, we told you about our preparations for ConversionCon UA, Ukraine’s first offline conference on website conversion? We did it! ConversionCon UA became our successfully completed mission. Time to sigh in relief, jump with joy, share memories and view photos.

by Nadine
Apr 12, 2016
Beauty in motion: 10 examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

Parallax scrolling is one of the techniques used to make your website attractive and eye-catching for your visitors. But it’s always better to see examples instead of thousands of words, isn’t it?

by Nadine
Apr 08, 2016
Happy birthday, Drudesk: 1 year of stunning success!

Today is the birthday of Drudesk website support service ;) It started as a small team inside the InternetDevels Drupal development agency, and has grown into a full-fledged affiliated company. Happy birthday, dear child! ;) When we first introduced Drudesk to you in our blog post, we mentioned that these guys’ superpowers. Read on to find out how they have worked during this incredible year!

by Nadine
Apr 06, 2016
Using Drush for your Drupal website upgrade

Drush is a great help when it comes to dealing with Drupal websites. Today, we’ll discuss how to use Drush if you want to upgrade your Drupal website from version 6 or 7 to 8. Drush will save you a lot of time and effort.

by Nadine
Apr 01, 2016
Andypost visiting InternetDevels and Drudesk: a friendly chat about Drupal 8!

"Drupalgeddon", online shops in Drupal 8, the future of hooks and much more...We promise that our today’s conversation with the famous drupaler Andypost will be interesting for developers, customers, and website users as well. Let’s start!

by Nadine
Mar 29, 2016
ConversionCon Ua: a cutting-edge website optimization conference by InternetDevels

We know websites are capable of more ;) InternetDevels Drupal development company is happy to organize Ukraine’s first offline conference on website conversion!

by Nadine
Mar 25, 2016
Google introduces Analytics 360 Suite with new powerful features

When it comes to tracking customers’ behavior on your website, getting detailed statistics on it and refining your marketing campaign, it’s hard to imagine anything better than Google Analytics. Now, the search giant has gone ahead and announced a new solution for the premium segment called Google Analytics 360 Suite.

by Nadine
Mar 22, 2016
What is a body shop in web development?

When you think of a body shop, probably the first thing that pops into your head is a shop for body products with bubbles of soap and fragrant creams. The term has a very different meaning in web development, though. Read on to find out more.

by Nadine
Mar 18, 2016
Creating modal windows (pop-ups) in Drupal 8: full tutorial

Check out more tips about Drupal 8 by our experienced Drupal developers. We have already talked about Twig in Drupal 8theming in Drupal 8general tips on Drupal 8 developmentconfiguration in Drupal 8Today, we will proceed to creating modal windows AKA pop-ups in Drupal 8. 

by gena
Mar 15, 2016
Website launch checklist: keep calm and check on everything

Your new website deserves to be perfect from the start. However, in the pre-launch rush it is very easy to overlook important details. Internet users don’t like excuses :) It is crucial to make a good first impression on them. So keep calm and check on everything.

by Nadine
Mar 10, 2016
Outstaffing web development: the essence, the benefits, and the situation in Ukraine

Read on to find out more about what outstaffing is, how it differs from outsourcing, what its main benefits are, and how this phenomenon was developed in Ukraine — one of the most popular countries to find skilled web developers.

by Nadine
Mar 04, 2016
Drupal 8 improvements (Part 2)

We love discussing the new features of the amazing Drupal 8 — so we are back at it again. In Drupal 8 improvements - Part 1, we talked about some of them. Now here is the promised Part 2 of this overview, with more great Drupal 8 improvements that deserve to be mentioned.

by Nadine
Mar 01, 2016
DrupalCon Asia 2016: the famous Drupal event, Indian style

A colorful report about the colorful DrupalCon by InternetDevels Drupal development company.

by Nadine
Feb 26, 2016
Theming in Drupal 8: tips and examples for developers

Our Drupal developers will continue sharing Drupal 8 tips with you. Drupal 8 is gaining popularity ever since its first beta version appeared. It has brought with it many changes, particularly in regards to theming. Themes in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 differ significantly. Read on to find out more.

by shedow
Feb 23, 2016
Drupal module development services: unique features for your unique website

Discover Drupal module development services and find out what your website can do for you.

by Nadine
Feb 19, 2016
How we estimate our Drupal web development projects

So the moment comes when you finally tell us about your awesome would-be Drupal website. One of our important tasks then is to estimate the scope of the web development and other work that needs to be done for it. How do we do it? Keep reading.

by Nadine
Feb 17, 2016
Why your business needs a website in any case

Hello there, business owners who are still hesitating to have a website. There may be several reasons why you are still not online. But they are no longer working in 2016. Now that everyone’s online, a good website is an absolute must for any business, regardless of its size or field. Your biggest 404 error (website not found in the World Wide Web) should be fixed in the near future :) Let us try to convince you why.

by Nadine
Feb 12, 2016
Using Neo4j graph database: part 2

In the ‘Using Neo4j graph database: part 1’ blog post, we have told you the basics of Neo4J. Now, let’s move on to more practical Neo4J use. In this part, we will create an application that will return the data from Neo4j (the nearest airports according to the given coordinates) in the Json format. 

by voron
Feb 09, 2016
Reasons to work with a Ukrainian web development outsourcing company

"It’s an investment in what I call the ‘New Ukraine’ – Ukrainians who are young, well educated, and eager for their country to break from the past and to build an open society…” 
What makes billionaire George Soros so optimistic about Ukraine’s IT sector? Read on to find it out and learn what makes Ukraine so attractive as a web development outsourcing country.

by Nadine
Feb 05, 2016
Front-end development vs back-end development: what’s the difference?

Front-end development and back-end development: these two important parts of website-building represent different ‘philosophies,’ but they cannot exist without each other. So what are front-end and back-end development, and in what way do they differ? Let’s see.

by Nadine
Feb 02, 2016
Reasons to Upgrade Your Site From Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

Drupal 7… how will it affect your site upgrade? Oh, be sure it will — there are some major differences between Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. First and foremost, Drupal 6 will no longer be supported or receive security updates, while Drupal 7 is newer and has better support. It is also the most tested version ever released. In this blog post we will help you to find out how Drupal 7 can change your website user experience.

by svieta
Jan 29, 2016
InternetDevels: 2015 wrap-up — infographics

2015 has been rich in events, accomplishments, journeys, discoveries, and much more. However, sometimes figures speak louder than words. No doubt, all drupalers love exact science. So we’ve decided to do a little wrap-up with figures from year that has just come to its end. An awesome year with awesome figures for InternetDevels Drupal Development Company! Let's dive into some Drupal arithmetics :)

by Nadine
Jan 26, 2016
Project management: how we manage Drupal projects

From beginning to end, every Drupal project is in the caring hands of a project manager. But how, you might wonder, do PMs work? What do they do? Discover it in the new blog post.

by Nadine
Jan 21, 2016
Using Neo4j graph database: part 1

Let's keep getting the most useful web development tips from InternetDevels developers. Here's the first blog post about Neo4j in which you will learn the basics of this popular graph database. Enjoy!

by voron
Jan 19, 2016
Automate RTL CSS generation with Grunt

Creation of RTL CSS is quite an important process in front-end, necessary to make the design comply with the RTL standards. This process invlolves the substitution of margin-left by margin-right, float: left by float: right… and so on. Luckily, this job can be done by Grunt.

by voron
Jan 15, 2016
What is web hosting?

Website hosting, domain names, hosting types...what does it all mean? If the word “hosting” is associated with a friendly host that makes your feel comfortable at his place, you are not far from the truth :) Why? Let’s find out more about it all. 

by Nadine
Jan 12, 2016
 How to Use Google Analytics in Content Marketing Strategy



“What is measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker, an American management consultant, educator and writer.

by svieta
Jan 06, 2016
7 reasons for low website traffic: where are your visitors?

So you’ve decorated your house for a party, laid the table with delicious dishes, hired a live band...but no guests have come. Oh no! The same thing can happen to your website, making you wonder — where are the visitors? Low website traffic is a big problem. Let’s see what makes people ignore your site and what you can do to improve the situation.

by admin
Dec 30, 2015
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...and let there be Drupal!

It’s coming! You can feel it in the air. Bells are jingling, lights are twinkling, and everyone is thinking about the presents. Amid all this bustle, we bring you glad tidings. Yes, yes, you’ve guessed it! We are delighted to present our congratulations to you :)

by Nadine
Dec 24, 2015
Duplicate content: how to avoid or fix this “double trouble”!

A copy is always worth less than the original. Besides, having a copy of something else may cause trouble. This is especially true in the web development sphere. Read on to find out more about the problem of duplicate content and learn possible ways to solve it.

by Nadine
Dec 22, 2015
Drupal 8 improvements (Part 1)

We have already talked a lot about Drupal 8 release, so it’s about time to expand on the performance enhancements that have been made to it. Let’s get started!

by svieta
Dec 18, 2015
Using Twig in Drupal 8

After the official release, more and more Drupal developers are interested in learning about the new features of Drupal 8. So here is a chance to learn more about the Twig template engine in the newest blog post from our developer, the author of the popular posts on confuguration in Drupal 8 and tips for Drupal 8 developers. Here we go!

by qwerty
Dec 15, 2015
A mobile website vs responsive design: 2 ways to go mobile!

Mobile web development offers a lot of opportunities for your business when in the right hands. Finding the necessary information, browsing products and services, and even making online purchases with a mobile phone has long since become an everyday thing. However, to “catch” mobile users and turn them into loyal clients, every website owner should consider one important aspect: mobile optimization. Read on to find out more.

by Nadine
Dec 11, 2015
Facebook auto posting at the click of a button!

Useful tips by the developers of our Drupal development company make social networks closer and your life easier ;) Lots of people almost live in social networks and follow websites’ news directly from there. Thus, to make your life easier and avoid posting your news both on your website and on your social media page, consider setting up auto posting. Today I'll tell you how to set up auto posting from a Drupal site to Facebook.

by alexxx
Dec 09, 2015
Optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns

Today marketing campaigns can be easily extended by using an email sending services. These programs are designed to help you reach the right person at the right time with the right message. In this blog post we will expand on some of the effective marketing solutions for Drupal based websites. If you are one of the Drupal developers ‘gang’, maintaining some of the Drupal development services, and you are still not using those email sending services, it’s high time you start!

by svieta
Dec 04, 2015
Drupal 6: the king is dead, long live the king!

According to “web weather” forecasts, lots of site owners will wish to upgrade their website from Drupal 6 to 8 or 7 in the nearest future :) Why? While the whole world celebrated the release of Drupal 8, amidst the overwhelming cheers it was hard to notice some sad news. However, it is worth the attention of Drupal 6 website owners. But, of course, there is a positive solution! Read on to find out more.

by Nadine
Dec 03, 2015
Drupal 8 release parties by InternetDevels: a tale of 3 cakes and much more!

Every drupaler’s heart was beating faster yesterday. Expectation, excitement, and absolute joy! Drupal 8.0.0 was officially released yesterday! Did we celebrate it? You bet we did! InternetDevels Drupal development company threw not just one, but 3 parties in different Ukrainian cities to honor the latest and coolest version of our favourite site-building platform. So let us tell you a tale of three cities...and of three awesome cakes as well. Here we go! Get ready for the “tasty” story :)

by Nadine
Nov 20, 2015
The Beginner's Guide to A/B Testing of Your Website

In this blog you will discover one of the most objective testing techniques, called A/B testing. Wondering what it actually is? It is a possibility to conduct website usability testing or quality assurance testing as well as get thousands or even millions of users’ opinions about which website version is more efficient. Read the blog post to find out more.

by svieta
Nov 17, 2015
Almost twins: 8 things Drupal and InternetDevels have in common!

We’ve been together for years and hope the very best things are yet to come! Yes, we are alike in many ways :) With the big date for all Drupal developers approaching (Drupal 8 release on November 19), we’ve decided to pick 8 main things there are in common between the Drupal CMS and InternetDevels Drupal development company. There are other big dates as well...we will tell you later in the blog. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

by Nadine
Nov 13, 2015
50-point Checklist for Website Usability Testing

Happy World Usability Day! It brings together programmers, web-designers, qa testers and other communities of professionals with the same values and goals: to make life easier and simpler. We have prepared this 50-point checklist for website usability testing, hoping that you will find it useful and it will help you steer clear of inconveniences of poor design and low website quality. So, have fun reading about usability fundamentals from A to Z!

by svieta
Nov 12, 2015
Drupal 7 and ApacheSolr: tips and examples for beginners

Hey there! If you are interested in Drupal web development, tips by our dev could do you a world of good. Welcome to learn new things about Drupal 7 and Apache Solr: the benefits of ApacheSolr search over conventional search in Drupal, installing Apache Solr, configuring Drupal Search, faceted filters.

by auk
Nov 11, 2015
InternetDevels and DruDesk at LvivICamp: delving into online marketing & SEO

While Drupal developers polish their coding skills at conferences like Lviv DrupalCamp, online marketing and SEO specialists need their own "hangout" to share some precious knowledge and discuss issues that are especially dear to their hearts. InternetDevels and its support service DruDesk visit LvivICamp, the biggest SEO and online marketing conference in western Ukraine.

by Nadine
Nov 10, 2015
Drupal 8 release: great parties are on the way!

Great news about the "great 8" brought to you by InternetDevels Drupal team ;) Drupalers, hold your breath and count to 8! Drupal 8 will be finally released on November 19. Lots of Drupal teams across the globe started preparing their Drupal 8 release parties. And InternetDevels as well, of course! Read on to find more details.

by Nadine
Nov 06, 2015
Must-haves of Effective Landing Page - Presentation

An effective landing page is the basis of successful online marketing, yet designing a top-notch landing page may be tricky and pose serious challenges. There are so many ways how to make your landing page more effective, for example, apply to usability testing services, avoid users’ pet peeves or simply grab their attention with images, and many more. We have come up with some “must-haves” for those who want to design an outstanding landing page.

by svieta
Nov 06, 2015
Best Free Usability Tools to Improve Your UX Design

Every website owner is concerned about its usability, because customers tend to give up on websites with broken links, over-complicated designs, technical chaos and other problems turning user experience into a nightmare. Here you can read about the best free usability tools to make a usability audit that reveals some mistakes, inaccuracies, difficulties in interaction and other vulnerable spots.

by svieta
Nov 04, 2015
Best Free Responsive Drupal Themes 2015

Making your website awesome to look at and easy to use. That’s what responsive Drupal theming exists for. With responsive web design, your website will neatly adapt to any device screen, providing easy reading and navigation. Let’s check out a nice collection of free responsive Drupal themes loved by many web designers

by Nadine
Nov 03, 2015
Top Websites to Download Free Images 2015

In one of our previous blog posts we discussed latest web design trends. Today we’ll talk about a very special issue for web designers and lots of other specialists. Where to get beautiful high-quality images? Read on to find out.

by Nadine
Oct 30, 2015
Google Mobile-Friendly Website — Infographics

Google developers claim that they must deliver and render the above-the-fold content in under one second, which allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. This is the case not only with desktop but also with mobile website development. People are almost inseparable with their smart phones and they expect to find almost everything on the web, consequently web designers are doing the whole bag of tricks for their customers to be happy and contented.

by svieta
Oct 29, 2015
Drupal is the best solution for ecommerce websites

Dear readers, once we told you about building social shopping projects with Drupal. Now it’s time to discuss Drupal ecommerce benefits. We'll go into details and discover why we think Drupal is the ecommerce solution. Let the big shopping begin! ;)

by Nadine
Oct 28, 2015
Configuration in Drupal 8: tips and examples for developers

In one of the recent blog posts by our developer, we offered you Drupal 8 development tips. Today, we'll discuss configuration in Drupal 8. Real profit for Drupal developers by the same author! Enjoy tips and examples in the blog post with a presentation. 

by qwerty
Oct 27, 2015
9 reasons to outsource your start-up — presentation

You start your project and are awared about running it successfully? There are more issues than victories? Your team is you and as a maximum 1-3 your close friends? Oh, you have much in common with Opera, MySQL, Skype or GitHub. They also started as small ideas. How have they managed? Due to outsourcing and clear vision for development. Therefore, let’s take a look on the reasons to outsource start-up for you.

by Olesava
Oct 23, 2015
UX Design for Mobile — Infographics

Smart phones have become an integral part of our lives. Needless to say how popular they actually are. It’s a well known fact that the number of people accessing the Internet using cell phones has overtaken the number of those doing it via desktops. Thus, mobile web design deserves a lot of attention and consideration.

by svieta
Oct 23, 2015
Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2015: mission completed successfully!

Dear drupalers, we’ve done it! :) Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2015 organized by InternetDevels Drupal development company has surpassed all expectations and exceeded a milestone of 200 participants. Time to enjoy our report and find your pretty faces in the photos (yes-yes, it’s you!). Let's go :)

by Nadine
Oct 22, 2015
Top Mozilla-Firefox 2015 Add-ons for Web Developers

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for web developers due to a wide range of web development tools. Working in a convenient environment and having lots of means for programming will make this process smooth and effortless. All you need is add-ons for enhancing and customizing Mozilla-based applications. Check out top Mozilla-Firefox 2015 add-ons.

by svieta
Oct 20, 2015
Choosing the Right CMS

A well known saying ‘Better safe than sorry’ claims that any decision making requires careful and thorough consideration before the final choice is actually made. The same is true when it comes to website development and having to decide which content management system to choose. So, if you are considering a new website launch, there is no doubt you want your choice of CMS to be right. Here’s an overview of the three most widespread CMSs.

by svieta
Oct 19, 2015
Why outsource to Ukraine

A brief research of Ukraine as an outsourcing partner.

by djulia
Oct 17, 2015
TOP 10 outsourced startup projects

Outsourcing companies are the superheroes when it comes to a startup. You will be surprised, but many well-known companies started as outsourced projects. Let’s take a look on their list.

by Olesava
Oct 14, 2015
Improve Your Website Navigation

First-class navigation is the keystone of a pleasing web design and satisfied users. Without a captivating website layout and a good navigation structure, visitors won’t be able to find the needed information swiftly and smoothly. Luckily, we are going to provide you with eight golden rules you have to preserve when improving your UI design and website’s navigation.

by svieta
Oct 13, 2015
10 Tips for Hiring a Top Web Developer — Presentation

If you are an entrepreneur or want to launch your own business, one of the best ways of marketing is to set up a website. Hiring a developer is a crucial factor, since this person is supposed to create an appealing image for your company that should make a favorable impression on your customers. Before your company or business employs a web developer, consider these pieces of advice and they will work wonders and do the trick for you!

by svieta
Oct 12, 2015
UX Designer vs UI Designer — Infographics

Nowadays in our high-tech and inventive society, the terms UI Designer and UX Designer are being used more than ever. Rahul Varshney, a co-creator of Foster.fm clearly explains these terms: “User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most confused and misused terms in our field. Hence, let’s take a closer look at some of the differences and similarities that these notions have.

by svieta
Oct 09, 2015
 How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts: 5 Tools

If you find yourself going out of way to keep your accounts secure and care about your website support, you are on the right page, reading information you need. Everyone, who has their own accounts in Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other network, is concerned about protection against social media threats. Here in this article we are going to suggest some effective tips to help to reduce the risk of hacker attacks.

by svieta
Oct 06, 2015
Configuring Grunt for compiling SASS/LESS to CSS

SASS and LESS preprocessors make front-end development much easier. To compile them to CSS automatically, you can use Grunt.js. Let’s see how to do it.

by voron
Oct 05, 2015
Best tools to test and optimize your website’s speed

Discover our new blog post related to QA testing and optimizing your website. Let’s see what your site “speedometer” shows: is your site ready for a run to success or just for snail races? In any case, keep calm. Everything can be improved! There are tools to test and optimize your website’s speed that will let you explore, find out the problematic areas and fix them to make your website “fly”!

by Nadine
Oct 02, 2015
The UX myths — infographics (part 1)

Talking about UX design services becomes a new trend. While not so many people are certain who is a user and what is his or her experience, hundreds would like to contribute into the discussion about proper approaches to it. Let’s take a look on 5 the most widespread UX myths and their disproof.

by Olesava
Oct 01, 2015
How Responsive Web Design Works — Presentation

If you already know the name of Ethan Marcotte and the term “responsive design”, you have chosen the right direction. If not - this direction is a fortiori necessary for you. Let’s take a look on the brief history of the responsive design.

by Olesava
Sep 29, 2015
How to start with Symfony2 framework: tutorial for beginners

If you want to begin studying Symfony web development, this Symfony2 framework tutorial by our developer could be very useful for you. This blog post describes what Symfony2 is, what tasks it solves, what to expect and what to prepare for if you decide to study it. 

by benedya
Sep 29, 2015
Lviv Euro Drupal Camp 2015: Schedule and Reports

Just imagine having so many Drupal gurus all gathered in one place! It doesn't matter whether you are a front end or back end developer, web designer, QA engineer or manager - everyone will find topics of their interest and sessions to their liking at the upcoming Lviv Euro Drupal Camp. Read more in the blog post.

by svieta
Sep 25, 2015
Drupal 8 development: useful tips

Hello, everyone! The release of Drupal 8 is almost here, but its beta version is available for use now. So let's explore Drupal 8 together.

by qwerty
Sep 24, 2015
The 10 Commandments of User Interface Design

Being a design geek doesn’t mean stuffing your website user interface with all kinds of tricks and gimmicks. A good UI design is not about showing off your artistic skills and wowing your users, it’s about giving them a well functioning bug free system that is easy to use, meets their needs, and facilitates the whole website experience. The blog post also offers a prezi presentation.

by svieta
Sep 23, 2015
Web Design Trends 2015 - Infographics

Fast changing technologies do not leave a chance to web development services which have lived out their lives. Large images, responsive design, animation and clickable pages – which options still keep popular this year and which will become the issue of nasty taste? Let’s take a look on web development trends 2015. The blog post also offers attractive infographics.

by Olesava
Sep 22, 2015
DrupalCon Barcelona 2015: a perfect place for InternetDevels

Hola, drupalistas! :) The long-expected DrupalCon Barcelona 2015 is approaching! It is so close that we can feel its hot heartbeat in the rhythm of flamenco. Time to join this amazing Drupal “dance”! Of course, InternetDevels Drupal team will join it. Read on to find out more.

by Nadine
Sep 18, 2015
How to outsource web development?

You need a web developer to create a website, app or something like that, but do not have the full web studio in your staff? In XXI century the majority of companies face this issue and find that the best solution is to outsource web development. We will try to assist you in this article, describing how to outsource the best web team to your project. We've also prepared a presentation.

by Olesava
Sep 17, 2015
10 most famous and interesting Drupal websites

To make right choice, sometimes it is significant to learn the experience of others. Our Drupal team picked up 10 interesting websites of famous brands that preferred Drupal.

by Olesava
Sep 16, 2015
Symfony2 console: tutorial for beginners

In Symfony, there are many console commands to help you in your work. In this article we consider the most frequently used Symfony commands.The tutorial should be very useful for those who are interested in Symfony web development.

by genzer
Sep 15, 2015
Ready to launch a new website? 8 things to check!

When the work on your website development is accomplished, there comes this exciting moment. Your new website is ready to start its successful journey into the world...or, better to say, the World Wide Web. But, like before any important journey, there are some things you should check. Let’s start!

by Nadine
Sep 11, 2015
Using BrowserStack for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility testing

Happy Tester’s Day to everyone! :) Check out the new blog post on QA testing in BrowserStack from InternetDevels Company. And please mind that you can always hire a QA tester here and forget about bugs forever ;) Now, let's enjoy the new blog post on using BrowserStack online service for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility testing. We'll discuss the testing types and their advantages.

by bergil
Sep 09, 2015
Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8: prezi presentation

It’s popular, free, flexible, powerful. It’s just Drupal! All Drupal teams know that this CMS has had 7 official major releases, and the 8th is almost there.

Everyone's after the latest trends, so let’s discuss two freshest Drupal versions (7 and 8). It's going to be nice, entertaining and relaxing, without too many details. Hope you will enjoy it.

by Nadine
Sep 04, 2015
InternetDevels on Clutch’s Top Ukrainian Developers List

We have been working hard, and finally our efforts are evaluated: InternetDevels is on a list of 12 Top Web and Software Developers in Ukraine, recently announced by Clutch, experienced US researcher of world’s IT industry.

by Olesava
Sep 03, 2015
Why and how to build a social shopping project with Drupal: case study

Discover the blog post on social shopping projects in Drupal with some of the best secrets of ecommerce website development for you ;) Social media and ecommerce are great powers that rule the Internet. What do we get if we combine them? We get a super power! ;) It has a name — it’s called social shopping. Read more about this phenomenon + a case study of a great Drupal-built social shopping project.

by Nadine
Sep 01, 2015
6 reasons why you'll love Drupal websites

Let’s talk about Drupal web development with love :) Check out the blog post from our guest blogger Daniel Mattei about why you'll love Drupal websites. He offers at least 6 reasons to love this great content management system. Let's see and make conclusions!

by admin
Aug 28, 2015
How DruDesk works: a closer look at our Drupal support service

The new Drupal website support service DruDesk by InternetDevels has already gained a lot of happy customers. Yes, people like when all their problems are solved...or, better to say, dissolved in a magic way by the professional problem-dissolvers ;) You would probably like to know in more detail how our Drupal support service works. We will tell you how the process goes, how much it all costs, how much time it takes and much more useful information.

by Nadine
Aug 21, 2015
Using PDF on Your Drupal Website

Drupal web development is at its peak so you can get a cutting-edge website by hiring a great Drupal team. However, if you want to try and build a Drupal website by yourself, we hope some tips from our guest blogger Jack Dawson, founder of Big Drop Inc., will be useful to you. One of the main points he touches upon is using Portable Document Format (PDF) to present documents on a Drupal website.

by admin
Aug 11, 2015
Web developer tools for Drupal 7

To create a simple website on Drupal 7, an administrative interface and a simple text editor will be enough, but when it comes to more serious projects, you cannot do without additional Drupal web developer tools and powerful code editors. Tools used in Drupal web development can be divided into two types: back-end development tools and back-end development tools. We will so make an overview of them and learn how to use them in the right way.

by qwerty
Aug 07, 2015
Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2015: the best choice for your awesome autumn!

Hi, drupalers! Enjoying your summer? Time to make plans for your awesome autumn! We have checked the forecasts, analyzed the position of stars, written php scripts to define the luckiest date and place for you. Here you go, the answer is: October 17-18, Lviv Euro DrupalCamp. The time and place cannot be changed ;)

by Nadine
Jul 31, 2015
The ABC of Creating Reliable Backups in Drupal

In Drupal web development, there are a number of things that can be done to ensure the superior user experience and consistency. But don't forget one important aspect of running a Drupal website: regular and consistent backups. In this article by our guest blogger, we’ll see how this can be done manually and automatically.

by admin
Jul 28, 2015
DruDesk: new Drupal website support of the best sort!

Imagine all website issues solved in a blink of an eye - you can just sit in a comfortable chair, have a cup of coffee and enjoy reading nice news. Yes, it’s possible. It’s not magic...or maybe just a little bit! You just need to remember the magic words: “DruDesk”.

by Nadine
Jul 21, 2015
6 Reasons Why You Should Use Drupal For Website Development

Any developer worth his salt will tell you that the success of a website will depend a lot on the software tools used to develop it. Not all tools used in web development services do what they promise. Check out the new blog post from our guest blogger Jack Dawson who explains why Drupal is the best choice.

by admin
Jul 07, 2015
Drupal 7 application with PhoneGap: full tutorial

Mobile application development is a relatively new area of Drupal development services, but it is advancing rapidly, because mobile devices are used increasingly.

In terms of adapting websites for mobile platforms, PhoneGap and technologies built on it remain very popular. So let’s see what it is and how it works.

by shedow
Jul 03, 2015
SymfonyCafe Lviv #2

Mondays… The beginning of working week is always quite hard. Is there any way we can make them not so much annoying? Well, yeah! The answer is SymfonyCafe!

by djulia
Jul 01, 2015
Drupal Book module: all you need to know about it

Drupal module development offers us a lot of opportunities, and today I would like to tell you about a standard, out-of-the-box Drupal 7 module. I have repeatedly deployed a website based on Drupal 7, but never paid attention to Drupal Book module. What are the features of this module? What does it do?

by auk
Jun 26, 2015
DrupalTour Lviv

What do we get if we combine two popular memes: "Keep calm and code on" and "Keep calm and visit Lviv"? And if we add the fast green Drupal bus, good humour and exciting IT reports? Of course, we get DrupalTour in the city of Lviv which is the capital of Ukrainian web development services!

by Nadine
Jun 23, 2015

We all are fond of Drupal and often have a strong desire to share our beliefs with other IT specialists. Wanna catch an idea of how to implement it with fun and trips? DrupalTour! It works, here’s how we did it.

by djulia
Jun 22, 2015
Drupal vs Wordpress: functionality vs simplicity

Drupal and WordPress are very popular content management systems for website development. Each CMS has a passionate army of its own fans. Now let’s go into detail and make a comparison of the key aspects in which Wordpress and Drupal differ.

by Nadine
Jun 18, 2015
Best Drupal Video Player Modules

Want to add video integration to your Drupal website? Drupal module development never stops, offering us a large number of various modules for working with videos. Read how to choose them and customize for your own needs.

by auk
Jun 16, 2015
Your Drupal website security: how you can ensure it

Drupal web development is on the rise today. The Drupal core is well protected by default, but you can ensure your website security by following some additional security rules that can protect your site from attacks and other threats. Learn more in the blog post.

by shedow
Jun 10, 2015

Planning to outsource web development and other services, customers should think of Ukraine in the first place. This and many other ideas of Zhenya Rozinskiy, a business consultant, who has been living and working in the United States for nearly 25 years now, can be found in our interview. You’ll see how Ukrainian developers and the Ukrainian IT sphere looks in the eyes of Western customers and what needs to be done to improve the situation.

by Nadine
Jun 08, 2015
Implementing Websockets using php (Ratchet library) or Tornado web server

In this article we will discuss 2 ways to implement websockets: 1) using Node.js and Tornado web server; 2) using php (Ratchet library) and js.

by voron
Jun 05, 2015
DrupalTour Rivne

Did you order Drupal delivery to Rivne? :) We brought it!

by djulia
May 28, 2015
Курси веб-програмування OxIT у Луцьку

Web development services are in huge demand. The lucky ones who know how to build websites will always be provided with well-paid and interesting jobs. Where and how to learn the necessary skills?

by Nadine
May 27, 2015
Install Drupal base package in 10 minutes with our new script!

Installing Drupal base package really seems to be a challenging task. If you are not IT guru, you probably think that it will last for a couple of hours...or maybe even all day. We have written a script that enables anyone to install the Drupal base package in just 10 minutes!

by tao
May 26, 2015
Tips for Design when using Drupal

Drupal is a popular open-source platform loved by many designers. However, there are a few golden rules to follow when designing anything for Drupal sites in order to ensure developers have an easier time coding, maintain production speeds and the client’s pocket remains relatively bulky.

by admin
May 15, 2015
DrupalTour Zhytomyr

Cool Drupal rides are our passion! And it always goes awesome with awesome people around ;)

by djulia
May 14, 2015
DrupalCon in Los Angeles

A tremendous event is approaching - DrupalCon LA, bringing together thousands of real Drupal enthusiasts. Of course, no such event as DrupalCon Los Angeles can take place without InternetDevels!

by Nadine
May 08, 2015
Drupal for dummies: where and when is Drupal the Best Option?

In a simple and understandable way, Jack Dawson describes what Drupal CMS is, what its advantages are, how it is updated and improved and for what websites it is the best choice.

by admin
Apr 15, 2015
Big Manual for creating CTools popups in Drupal 7

Creating CTools popups (modal windows) is not a complicated thing, but it has many important nuances. Therefore, this article is devoted to the various nuances of popup creation.

by tao
Apr 10, 2015
DrupalTour Vinnytsia

DrupalTour Vinnytsia: the fifth point covered!

by djulia
Apr 03, 2015
Drupal modules for social networks integration

This is a second portion of useful Drupal modules for social networks integration. Hopefully it would be useful for your website!

by tibezh
Mar 10, 2015
DrupalTour Khmelnitsky

DrupalTour Khmelnitsky brought much cool experience and even some profit — a sweater and two shirts.

by djulia
Mar 05, 2015
Drupal mudules for social networks integration

Need to integrate some social networks to your Drupal website? We've made up a list of the most useful modules for this purpose!

by tibezh
Mar 03, 2015
SymfonyCafe Lviv

Symfony and coffee — what can be better at Saturday morning? Nothing! At least, we think so.

by djulia
Feb 25, 2015
TOP Drupal modules for Views

TOP Drupal modules helping you to configure the Views according to specific website.

by shedow
Feb 24, 2015
20 usability tips for e-Commerce websites

20 tips on how to improve usability of your e-Commerce website to make it bring more profit.

by kapitowka
Feb 20, 2015
Drupal vulnerability or developers' carelessness?

Whom do you blame if something goes wrong on your Drupal website? Every system has vulnerabilities, but often its up to developer, how to make the website stable and secure.

by tolikjan
Feb 18, 2015
InternetDevels joined Lviv IT Cluster

InternetDevels can now do twice more for development of IT sphere in Ukraine!

by djulia
Feb 17, 2015
We love Drupal

We are passionate for Drupal and congratulate the technology we love with St. Valentines Day.

by djulia
Feb 14, 2015

Drupal module enabling to create and customize rules actions for node.js.

by Zemelia
Feb 13, 2015

DrupalTour rocks on in Ternopil!

by djulia
Jan 29, 2015
Drupal module for messages just like in Facebook

Do you consider Facebook instant messaging system usable? The same functionality can be easily implemented on your website now. Our own Private message with node.js Drupal module will help you.

by Zemelia
Jan 27, 2015
The module for changing login/registration form view

The look of the login/registration form can now be changed using administration tool. This is possible with our Customize login form module.

by tibezh
Jan 19, 2015
Automated testing on Jenkins + Selenium basis

How to provide yourself with stable automated testing system on Jenkins and Selenium basis.

by aleksandras
Jan 14, 2015
Enable RTL support for Wordpress

In this blog post we tell, how to set up display standards for different languages for your Wordpress website in a right way.

by voron
Jan 05, 2015
Drupal events 2014 sum up

What significant Drupal events did we sponsor in 2014 and how was it.

by roman
Dec 31, 2014
DrupalTour in Chernivtsi

How did Drupal tourists visit Chernivtsi.

by roman
Dec 24, 2014
Outsource vs hiring in-house

Decide, if you should outsource certain services.

by roman
Dec 17, 2014
5 кроків до ефективнішого спілкування з клієнтами

Learn how to improve your company’s client communication services.

by roman
Dec 15, 2014
Drupal 8

Beta version of Drupal 8 is already released. And right now InternetDevels team is developing our first project using it. Dealing with Drupal 8 very close we’ve prepared a review of its most significant new features.

by roman
Dec 05, 2014
InternetDevels is among the best Drupal developers worldwide

InternetDevels was included to the list of Leading Drupal developers by Clutch.co

by roman
Nov 25, 2014
Lviv office InternetDevels

InternetDevels grows bigger and better. We made ourselves a cool present for birthday — a new office in Lviv!

by roman
Nov 14, 2014
Drupal tourists are Drupal Touring!

How we launched brand new unique event — Drupal Tour.

by roman
Nov 12, 2014
Facebook + Drupal

Facebook makes one of the most popular online networking services in the world. For now it has got more than 1 billion active users. But not a lot of people know about some hidden Facebook functions.

by daylioti
Nov 05, 2014
Symfony Camp UA 2014

We are supporting Symfony Camp UA 2014. On November, 1-2 the best Drupal and Symfony developers will gather at one place in Kyiv. Come and become a part of IT-world!

by roman
Oct 29, 2014
Google Panda 4.1 Algorithm

Google has recently announced the update of Google Panda 4.1 algorithm. Which sites will be affected by this algorithm and what are the reasons for that? The answers are in the article.

by kapitowka
Oct 27, 2014
SEO Yandex

There are a lot of methods and factors which one can apply to promote their website. Today we will speak about the ways of improving your site position in Yandex search engines results after link ranking is canceled.

by seoshkin
Oct 16, 2014
Drupalcon Amsterdam InternetDevels

Our team visited the biggest Drupal event in Europe — DrupalCon Amsterdam.

by alegor
Oct 13, 2014
Google seo ranking factors 2014: infographic

The SearchMetrics company has recently conducted a research and analyzed the main factors influencing Google ranking. The results turned out to be very interesting.

by seoshkin
Oct 08, 2014
InternetDevels bloggers

In our 100 post we proudly present you our bloggers!

by admin
Sep 29, 2014
Great time at Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014

Our impressions and pictures from Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014.

by marichka
Sep 11, 2014
Drupal Web developers InternetDevels at Drupalaton

InternetDevels team has become a silver sponsor of Drupalaton 2014. What are our impressions?

by roman
Aug 13, 2014
over optimization of the websites

Site’s overoptimization makes a lot of web pages drop in the SE rank. But this can be avoided by using our tips.

by kapitowka
Jul 30, 2014
Migrate module

The migrate module makes it possible to import website’s content into Drupal from other sources. Read in our blog how to install and set up this framework for the correct work.

by aragorn
Jul 04, 2014
 Lviv Euro Drupal Camp 2014

Get your luggage packed and come to Lviv Euro Drupal Camp 2014. The event will be held on September 6-7. Join us there!

by marichka
Jun 19, 2014
unique content

Unique content is one of the key factors that affect your website's search results ranking. If you feel a lack of creativity to write your own texts, you can use the tips from our blog.

by kapitowka
Jun 13, 2014
Feature Injection

Developing our store package CommerceBox, we have faced an issue of keeping specific functionality for apps in features. Feature Injection technique solved this problem.

by daylioti
Jun 06, 2014
Drupal White Nights 2o14

We are bronze sponsors of Drupal White Nights! The event is taking palce in St. Petesburg on June, 7. Come and support the Drupal Community!

by marichka
Jun 02, 2014

Being a member of Drupal Community is very responsible. That is why internetDevels company organized regular 3-months contribution code sprint. The results are promising.

by leviks
May 29, 2014
YouTube video optimization

Every minute YouTube users upload content with more than 100 hours duration. We will tell you how to make your video appear among the first in Youtube and Google search results.

by seoshkin
May 27, 2014
drupal emergency

Based on our experience we know that sometimes website owners face different problems connected with their Drupal projects. To handle such situations we have launched a new service offering a quick technical support in any emergency case.

by leviks
May 16, 2014

Nowadays services which provide out-of-box html-themes gain popularity. The question is whether it is that easy to use them as a basis for Drupal-theme. Here is an investigation.

by leviks
May 07, 2014

Node.js is a powerful platform for building all kinds of applications which can be integrated with Drupal 7. From our blog you will learn how to install and set up this tool for the correct work.

by lu4nik
Apr 29, 2014

Often one can see such charges against Drupal: “It is impossible to build a high-load website using this framework”. We will refute this myth on the example of a concrete successful project.

by lu4nik
Apr 18, 2014

One of the main issues after making decision to launch a website is development platform - CMS or custom coding? Let's elucidate Drupal framework advantages.

by Elbi
Apr 07, 2014

Very often a lot of developers face the issue of flexible materials sorting on the site. One of the solutions to solve this issue is Radioactivity module. Learn more about this tool.

by viking
Apr 03, 2014
additional seo modules

Previously we presented top of SEO modules recommended for website SEO optimization. Now learn about additional but certainly useful modules and go ahead with their new functions for more effective SEO.

by kapitowka
Mar 17, 2014

We use "Git Flow" repository operations model quite often in our work. Let’s consider the scheme in detail.

by xemul
Mar 13, 2014

Changes in Drupal 8 have also affected the process of creating your own widgets and formatters. The new Plugin API significantly simplifies this procedure.

by bobo
Mar 11, 2014

One can easily be lost in the variety of Drupal themes. Find out information about the best and the most significant of them.

by tibezh
Mar 08, 2014

A new announcement from Yandex surprised many people concerned with SEO. The largest search engine in Russia is going to change its ranking algorithm significantly.

by kapitowka
Mar 06, 2014
Ctools context plugin creation

Continuing review of Panels module functionality, this blog deals with unique context creation with help of Chaos tool suite.

by jovanni
Mar 04, 2014

It’s not a secret that the most important page of any website is a landing page. How to create a good landing page for your portal - this is the topic of this blog.

by springok
Mar 02, 2014

Some time ago we've learned how to develop ctools content type for Panels module. Now it’s time for the next plugin type for Ctools, namely - access plugin.

by nnevill
Feb 26, 2014

Drupal Developer Days will take place on 24-30 March in Hungary. We're an official Coffee and Snacks Sponsor!

by Elbi
Feb 19, 2014

Drupal has transaction support starting from its 7th version. We will help you to learn how to use this functionality properly to achieve the desired result and not to get stumped

by Snap
Feb 14, 2014

We have defined the top list of the most important SEO-modules for Drupal 7, which are vital for SEO-optimization of most web-sites. In this blog, we enumerate these modules and explain why they are so important.

by seoshkin
Feb 12, 2014

In this article we will speak about Drupal core installation as a submodule. We will not dwell upon the very concept of a submodule here for long, nor try to consider its dis/advantages. What we want to figure out is just some detailed regulations of how it can be done.

by aragorn
Nov 29, 2013

Apps is a module that can be looked at as a subsequent step in the evolution of featuresFor us, in particular, it appears friendlier and more acceptable as a tool you can use for adding new capacities to the site. 

by snig
Nov 27, 2013

Keeping up the good tradition, we are happy to announce that Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2013 will be held on October 12–13.

by Elbi
Sep 13, 2013

At times, content importing appears to be the task which is far from trivial. Writing the import assignment out "from scratch" when aimed at covering each and every instance can't be practical, thus we advice sticking to the ones already in use, say, Migrate, Feeds

by nnevill
Sep 05, 2013

The article describes the CMS Drupal deployment process as performed with use of Oracle DB on Debian server.

by kef
Sep 05, 2013

Any web developer may face a situation, at times, when both - HTTP and HTTPS - protocols have to be used to increase the protection level of the whole site or of its selected  pages.

by bobo
Jul 18, 2013

There has been much written about how to install Adobe Photoshop in Linux OS and in Ubuntu, in particular. There's not a unique Windows libraries selection, however, that needs to be installed to ensure Photoshop's adequate performance. This article illustrates one of the ways Photoshop can be installed in Ubuntu.

by Tornado
Jun 28, 2013

Experienced Drupal developers can hardly do without Drush (Drupal shell) utility as it speeds up a good deal of routine function along the way.

by nnevill
Jun 28, 2013

There are certain instances when you are being encouraged to implement access control practices that fulfill none of the criteria. That happens if, say, you are going to attach permissions to certain nodes of the same material type, or in case certain users (who have similar roles) should be granted permissions to review particular material.

by alan
May 21, 2013

The 1st Round of the XXVIII All-Ukrainian Students’ Programming Competition (ACM-ICPC) 2013 took place on the 20th of April in Lutsk, Ukraine, on the premises of Lutsk National Technical University. 

by bohart
May 18, 2013
Creating of custom actions and events using rules api

Module rules allow us to implement the events (actions) after performing certain actions (events).It has a list of events and activities in its structure, using which you can create your own rules. However, there are situations when they are not suitable for the implementation of planned functionality.

by alan
May 03, 2013
Project Management As Viewed By A NONE-Project Manager

In any area of human activity the managerial position stands out as a key one. Especially if the person who holds it is not thrust into the leadership position by his\her superiors with no regard to what the rest of staff think about it (artificial promotion), but his\her rise to carear highs has been secured by an intensive personal and professional growth, and his "authority" status and professionalism been recognized on both sides - by the project participants and the clients.

by Elbi
Mar 25, 2013

Let us give a brief outline of the library to be going withpChart is a set of classes that were designed for plotting charts, diagrams, etc. on php. 

by alan
Feb 21, 2013

As social networks gain more and more ground customers are often confronted with the task of integrating their sites with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. 

by aryan
Jan 16, 2013

Nowadays iPhone and iPad (further iGadgets) are not something unfamiliar for us. Very often developers come across with the tasks connected with the realization of functional for these devices.

by hog
Jan 11, 2013
Drupal 7's Queue API

Queue API is a particular functional in Drupal that allows you to line up all labor-intensive operations and further check up their implementation on the site. Unlike Batch API, Queue API fully automates the procedures run on your site.

by tibezh
Jan 10, 2013
Features Module

There may be instances when a web developer needs to transfer some database changes from one site to another. Moving the whole database may seem problematic or even become impossible given the new content in the database has appeared. The module Features is essential remedy for this problem.

by Siz
Dec 28, 2012
Why Web Development is Like Building a House

We have some really fantastic clients here in our company who have made us sweat asking to explain to them how web development actually works. We have also found out that there are many people out there who have absolutely no idea what the process is about. 

by leviks
Nov 30, 2012
Search API. Apache Solr operating

This article is about hot quickly to configure the module Search API and Search API Solr search, and how to display the data from Solr server with the help of the module Views.

by Siz
Nov 27, 2012
Google Analytics API and Google Charts API

It is common knowledge that Google Analytics (hereinafter GA) is a powerful tool for collecting data about user activity on your site - the relevant statistics is available at GA site.But sometimes web developer needs to manipulate (to collect, analyze, build graphs) the statistics on the side of the site. You can use Google Analytics PHP Interface (hereinafter GAPI).Its usage is the very question we are going to inquire into here, and also to construct a chart which will be based on the statistics, gathered with the help of Google Charts API.

by nnevill
Nov 22, 2012
Ctools content type for Panels

Our company often uses the Panels module for creating sites. Although this option adds a considerable amount of HTML structures, it provides us with a flexible, user-friendly, and easy-to-operate mechanism. However, sometimes the built-in features of the module are not sufficient.

by nnevill
Oct 12, 2012
Views API. Define custom table

You sometimes find yourself trying to handle the tasks that require creating a custom table in the database so as to later interact with this table through your own requests. Inherent in such cases is the requirement that multiple requests be issued, and that can happen to be quite exhausting.  

by nnevill
Aug 20, 2012

There are  good news for everyone involved in Drupal community - the first Lviv Euro Drupal Camp 2012 will take place on November 4, 2012 in Lviv! 

by Elbi
Aug 09, 2012

This event is a significant one for our deleagtes not only from it`s informative and discoverable point but we are also very honoured to visit this  annual European event as i`ts Bronze Sponsor.    

by Elbi
Aug 05, 2012

Not all of us know that the Views module provides a pretty wide API. In addition to a big hooks system, functionality of views can be expanded with the additional plugins. There are 10 types of plugins for the views.

by nnevill
Jun 06, 2012

CCK-formatters make up the code and are thus capable of displaying the fields the way a coder wants it. Coders often  come short of formatters, when performing tasks. In this article I will give a review of creating the formatter for the noderefence field, which will simply add anchor to the link.

by nnevill
May 09, 2012


Nowadays everyone knows about such Internet shops like eBayAmazon, etc.

But just a few people know that they even did not stand near the largest online store in China, namely taobao

by nnevill
May 07, 2012

The IT industry practices encourage developers to keep improving their skills rather than to merely demonstrate the existing ones while fulfilling routine tasks. 

by tibezh
May 03, 2012
Creating a multi-step forms using ctools multistep wizard

In the previous post I gave an example of Ctools modal API as being operated with a single form.In this one you'll be given an insight into my experiences with another powerful tool, namely Ctools multistep wizard as being used with or without the modal API involvement.

by nnevill
Apr 18, 2012

JavaScript code, just using php and DrupalForm API, based on the state of the second (or even on the basis of several elements), after any user's action.

by bohart
Apr 05, 2012

Career Fairs provide for an excellent opportunity for students to set up their career goals and, also, for companies to demonstrate their employment potential. 

by anet
Mar 30, 2012

SASS - is a meta-language based on CSS, intended to increase the level of CSS code abstraction and Cascading Style Sheets files simplification. 


by Zemelia
Feb 29, 2012
Ctools Modal API. An Example of Using

Popups have come so much into fashion, of late, and thus appealed to customers' sentiment that the public are starting growing more and more convinced: an ideal site has to be in popups. Whareas the module Popups API.

by nnevill
Jan 09, 2012
Налаштування профайлера XHprof для універсального використання

In my previous article we discussed capabilities of PHP code profiler XHprof from Facebook developers, namely installation, setting and usage.

by bohart
Dec 03, 2011

We would like to present CommerceBoxa ready-made online store package based on both Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce.  Drupal Commerce module appears to be the only available solution (among Drupal 7 modules) today, which allows creating a full-fledged functional online-shop.

by snig
Nov 29, 2011

There are situations when you need to transfer data from one database to another. This article is meant to cater for such instances.

by Siz
Nov 12, 2011

XML - RPC - simple remote procedure call protocol.  XML- RPC - is the father of one of  the most popular protocol SOAP. Despite its age (implement in 1998) XML - RPC is not leaves in the past, but on the contrary is often used today.  

by tibezh
Oct 29, 2011

The following article is giving a description of Titanium Appcelerator platform opportunities. It also presents the list of the most frequently used objects of Titanium, as well as their features and methods.

by tibezh
Jul 18, 2011

In this post the bases of creating environment for Drupal projects development on the basis of Debian 6 "Squeeze" will be described. Having this, everyone will be able to practice setting OS services, develop sites not depending on online servers.

by admin
Jul 08, 2011
Drupal 7 Install Profile

In theprevious article we shared about creating install profiles for Drupal 6. In this article it'll be described how to create install profile for Drupal 7, its updates and examples.

by deimos
Jun 02, 2011
Server requests through php

Being involved in development process one has got to realize actions/commands for which he has not been granted enough rights or the user whose server has launched and executed Drupal, is lacking access to some directories.

by Snap
May 11, 2011
Examples of theme_table() and theme_fieldset() functions in Drupal 7

In Drupal 7 API there is a chapter dedicated to site theming. All elements of site, without exclusion, should go through the theming process. But first of all theming itself should be set up.

by tibezh
May 09, 2011

Late in April of the current year Google Analytics representatives have announced in their official blog about launching of beta-testing of new interface.

In this article I want to share about the usage of its new interesting feature - analysis of speed of page load.

by bohart
May 09, 2011

Following the two previous articles (thisthat) about profilers, namely about XHprof profiler from facebook developers, we'll look at how it can possibly be  applied for analysing productivity of different systems. 

by bohart
May 06, 2011

If someone's likely to be challanged with the necessity to have the attached PDF document displayed on the content view page, this article will stand you in good stead. In fact, it can be easily done.

by aragorn
Apr 29, 2011

One of Drupal 7's major advantages over its precursors is its flexibility with settings and systems. Drupal developers haven't bypassed DB queries, either. In this release the latter have become objective-oriented and are no more attached to some particular database, since the query syntax is now generated by Drupal itself. Thus programmer's task is just to indicate the conditions of selection. This article is dedicated to Database API analysis which will give examples of the changes that occurred to the way "communication" with DB is performed.

by aragorn
Apr 28, 2011

The use of batch operations ebables forms processing to be performed in the course of several requests. This prevents interrupts in form processing that might occur due to PHP time-out. 

by admin
Apr 19, 2011

Sometimes there is a need to create autocomplete field in order to enhance usability. As worked examples of such fields widgets for cck-fields Node reference and User reference can be mentioned.

by nnevill
Apr 11, 2011

In this article I'm going to describe how to operate the main hooks of Fields API entity.

Fields API is one of the entities of Drupal 7 API that allow us:

to create customizeable fields for data,

to store data in these fields,

to interact with any type of content.

Simply speaking Fields API are the means for field content.

by tibezh
Apr 11, 2011

Fast page upload onto the user's browser is a key factor of your site's popularity. If page load time appears to be tiresomely long, it decreases visitor/user engagement and may even induce a user to leave your site and look for some better options. Here's a theoretical insight into correct site development which is aimed at a site's load speed acceleration.

by Tornado
Mar 30, 2011

SSH is a network protocol of session layer that allows remote control of operating system and tunneling of TCP-connection (e.g. for files exchange).

by admin
Mar 29, 2011

We’ve received confirmation that our company was approved to participate in Acquia Partner Program and we were granted Acquia Partner status.


by leviks
Mar 16, 2011

If you know what jQuery is or you just start studying it, then you’ll definitely be interested in how to write your own jQuery plugin. It’s very easy to do that. You’ll be able to create your own plugins after reading this article.

by Zemelia
Mar 16, 2011
Very often there is a need to develop a site with multi-language support - possibility to translate site content on different languages. It's quite simple to do this task on Drupal, and such modules as Internationalization, Content translation, Locale will help with that.
by aragorn
Mar 15, 2011

 When registering on a site a user will normally be asked for password verification which is required in Drupal by default.


by admin
Mar 15, 2011
It happens very often that sorting on a specific criterion should be done. Views, Nodequeue, Flag and other similar modules are used for that. But sometimes functional of these modules is not enough to satisfy sophisticated demands of a client. Of course one can create many nodequeues and teach the client which one is responsible for what, but such system from the point of view of usability is very doubtful. The second option of solving this issue might be adding cck-field "weight" and identify its weight manually and sort by it. But again, having thousands of nodes this method is not suitable.
by nnevill
Mar 13, 2011

Pressflow is Drupal’s distributive that provides advanced efficiency and scaling. It’s developed by the guys from Four Kitchens Company.

by leviks
Mar 12, 2011
Drupal Install Profile

Probably everybody have come across with ready-to-use site packages on Drupal where after installation you get a ready site with the set of necessary modules, personal theme and so on. There are many such packages, among which Open Atrium, Drupal Commons and others. I’m sure the question appeared: “How was it realized?” or “How can it be done?” The answer to this question is Drupal Install Profile. So how can a personal install profile be created? Generally install profiles are created on the basis of the existed site.

by deimos
Mar 09, 2011

For deleting unnecessary bytes from image files Smush.it uses image optimization methods that are specific for each format, which means that images are optimized without changing their face and quality.

by redfoxxx
Mar 07, 2011

Profiling – is a process of work analysis of application for data acquisition about efficiency (acquisition of set of characteristics – CPU times, memory usage and resources processing, number of calls for each function and so on). 

by bohart
Mar 06, 2011

I was asked many times how to translate element <Any> in drop-down list in filter of views module.

Yes! It can’t be done in a standard way by interface translation.

by bohart
Mar 04, 2011

Cron.php script is used in Drupal for content indexation, sending e-mails to subscribers, gathering rss-feeds and so on – modules can give task themselves to be done according to schedule.

by nnevill
Mar 02, 2011

What’s CDN? Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network, CDN – geographically distributed network infrastructure which allows optimizing delivery and distribution of content to the end network users.

by bohart
Mar 02, 2011

First of all what is Apache Solr?

Apache Solr – is the advanced search platform with open primary code by Apache Lucene project.

by bohart
Feb 21, 2011

Fusion theme is oriented toward integration with Skinr module, and in order to use all its capabilities one should have the 2nd branch of Skiner installed + module Dialogue (for UI), though, for  releases of modules are not yet accessible (so far, we've only used devs) it causes some bugs to come about. 

by redfoxxx
Feb 10, 2011

This kind of mistake can be seen on servers with nginx as frontend and Apache as backend. It’s usually considered to be a nginx problem which is tried to be strenuously solved. Quite often it’s not the point.

by leviks
Feb 02, 2011

Facebook Developer Blog published good news: from now on one can get user’s address and cell phone number.

by leviks
Jan 22, 2011

Any modern internet site, whether it’s a startup website or a cool internet-shop, is a sophisticated product and its development is a sophisticated and painstaking task, too, that involves a lot of participants.

by leviks
Jan 12, 2011

Sooner or later every developer comes across the situation when site “goes down” and it must be “got back to life”. The reasons for that may be diverse.

by leviks
Jan 07, 2011

While developing a real estate site for one of our clients we tried to import the complete world cities database into the taxonomy (that was the client's demand).

by leviks
Dec 30, 2010
Insert Module

It’s a very helpful module, which allows inserting FileField right into the text editor. For example, in the process of writing this text an Insert button was pushed and the following image appeared in the text:

by leviks
Dec 29, 2010

We had a corporate party as a New 2011 Year celebration. Wonderful girls didn’t let us get bored. They had just an amazing dancing program.

by leviks
Dec 25, 2010

The founders and developers of MySQL resigned from their native company which belongs to Oracle (once Sun consumed MySQL and later Oracle consumed Sun).

by leviks
Dec 21, 2010

When attending an internet-shop any experienced internet user can easily figure out what he's dealing with – cheap box decision or professional shop with deep development.

The purpose of the shop is to be liked by a client who finally must buy and pay. If trust is absent it can be considered that the shop doesn’t achieve its purpose.

by leviks
Nov 16, 2010

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